• 500times/Hour 1.5MM Paper Egg Tray Making Machine
  • 500times/Hour 1.5MM Paper Egg Tray Making Machine
500times/Hour 1.5MM Paper Egg Tray Making Machine

500times/Hour 1.5MM Paper Egg Tray Making Machine

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Lugar de origen: CHINA
Nombre de la marca: Haiyang
Certificación: CE

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Cantidad de orden mínima: 1
Precio: USD 10000-50000
Detalles de empaquetado: 1. Exportación marinera que embala la exportación estándar 2. que embala 3. según el requisito de cl
Tiempo de entrega: 30 días antes de la entrega
Condiciones de pago: T/T, L/C
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Tipo de producto: Egg la máquina de la bandeja, bandeja de papel usada del huevo que hace la máquina/el equipo Proceso del tipo: Cadena de producción
Productos finales: Egg el cartón del huevo de la bandeja, huevo Carton de la bandeja del huevo/placa del huevo/cartón d Garantía: un año
Condición: Nuevo Servicio post-venta proporcionado: Dirige disponible para mantener la maquinaria en ultramar
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500times/hour Paper Egg Tray Making Machine


1.5MM Paper Egg Tray Making Machine


500times/hour fully automatic egg tray machine

Descripción de producto

 Egg Tray Machine Pulp Egg Tray Machine Automatic Egg Tray Machine


Product Description:


Egg Tray Machine is used for making the molded pulp products,such as egg tray,egg carton/box ,fruit tray ,industrial tray from waste paper.And the energy consumption of our company drying line is 20%-30% less than the same domestic industry,It has very significant energy saving and reached world leading level. small invest.


1. Mainly producing the pulp molded products,such as egg tray ,egg box, fruit tray, coffee tray, industrial tray


2. Material for the molded pulp products is waste paper,corrugated paper,waste newspaper, magazines


3. The main energy can be chosen from diesel oil, natural gas ,LPG, heavy oil, coal, electricity etc, depending on local cost.


4. We have the egg tray machine with output from 2000pcs/hr, 3000pcs/hr, 4000pcs/hr,  6000pcs/hr.


5. Fully-automatic control, PLC+Touch screen controller.


6. Stainless steel pulp tank,the surface of platens covered with stainless steel.



 Technology Parameters



Forming width

410-710MM(460-760MM materials)

Forming length


Forming height


Thickiness of materials


Production power

220-500times/hour(according to products)


380Vs/220Vs/50Hzs(Three mutually four lines)

Furnace power


Required to install air pump


Mechanistic Dimensions


Net weigh



Pulping Process




1. Put raw materials into the pulper, add water and stir the pulp.



2. The forming machine makes egg trays.



3. Transmit the finished egg trays from forming machine to the dry hole by a conveyor. And dry them.



4. Put in order and package egg trays.


Packaging :

1. Equipment body: plastic film. 

2. Accessories: standard export wooden cases.

3. We can do as your requirement.



Q1 How long does it take to produce and install equipment?



A: Production time: 15-25 working days, depending on the model, or customers need to customize the mold, there may be a big difference


Installation time: no drying: 25-30 days, drying with 30-40 days


Q2 How much space is required for production?


A: Please kindly confirm the machine model you need, for the model confirming, I need to know what is the production capacity do you want, 1000 pcs per hour, 2000 pcs per hour, 3000 pcs per hour or other requirement? After confirming the machine model, the area space will be sent to you accordingly.


Q3 Our materials are Papers & cartons. What is the additives to combine those materials?


A: Paper and cartons are good material for producing egg tray ,no need to add other additives. The pulp is combined by paper and water.


Q4 How much expense required for full set up?


A: There are 3 parts, part 1: cost of the machine,  part 2: transportation and import charges   part 3: installation charge, all the expense need to be calculated after we know the exact machine you need.


Q5 After sales service:


A: We can send engineers to install, commission, and train customer workers for operation and maintenance.


We have 1-2 customer visits every year, and we can inspect and maintain our customers' equipment.













Forming System Detail



Drying System Detail



Storage System Detail



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