• 1.8*1.1*1.9m 15KW Fully Automatic Egg Tray Machine
  • 1.8*1.1*1.9m 15KW Fully Automatic Egg Tray Machine
1.8*1.1*1.9m 15KW Fully Automatic Egg Tray Machine

1.8*1.1*1.9m 15KW Fully Automatic Egg Tray Machine

Datos del producto:

Lugar de origen: CHINA
Nombre de la marca: Haiyang
Certificación: CE

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Cantidad de orden mínima: 1
Precio: USD 10000-50000
Detalles de empaquetado: 1. Exportación marinera que embala la exportación estándar 2. que embala 3. según el requisito de cl
Tiempo de entrega: 30 días antes de la entrega
Condiciones de pago: T/T, L/C
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Información detallada

Tipo de producto: Bandeja del huevo que hace la máquina Lugar de origen: Henan, China
Voltaje: 380V Palabra clave: Máquina de la bandeja del huevo
Dimensión (l*w*h): el 1.8*1.1*1.9m Poder (w): 15KW
Alta luz:

1.9m fully automatic egg tray machine


15KW fully automatic egg tray machine


1.9m egg carton machine

Descripción de producto

Fully Automatic Egg Tray Machine Paper Tray Forming Machine Egg Carton Making Machine



1. Pulp Making System

Hydraulic, Pulp Pump, Pulp Screen Machine, Pulp Breaking Machine, Stirrer and so on.

2. Moulding System

Rotary Type Molding Machine, Vacuum Pump, Air Compressor, Vacuum Tank, Water Pump and so on..

3. Drying System

Bellows, Air Blower, Mesh Belt Conveyor,Multi-layor Drying System

Parameter of Egg Tray Machine(2000 pcs/h)

Pulping System  




Volume:2 cbm



Forming System





Template size:1230*400mm

Operating speed:6 times/min


Drying System

Type:Multi-layer dryer


Hot Press Shaping System




Working pressure:8 T

Hot pressing temperature:0-180℃(Adjust)


Capacity:600 pcs/h

About 2000 Type Egg Tray Machine,offer detail tested results for your reference:


Production capacity:1200-2000pcs/hour.(30-eggs tray, ~65g/pc).

Electricity consumption: ~45KW.

Water consumption:~450kgs/hour

Kind of Raw material: newspaper, carton paper

Raw material consumption: 105-135kgs/hour

Drying Consumption:130kg(Coal),80kg(Gas),Wood(200kg)

Delivery:1*40HQ and 1*20GP

Workers:4~6 person


Our egg tray machines are used in a wide range of applications.Like 4 psc egg tray with lid,30 pcs duck egg tray ,Fruit tray,Wine tray,Cup tray,ect.If you wants to make a special shape of the egg tray, you can send us the design drawings or samples,.Our engineers will design according to the customer's requirements. If you wants to customize the company logo on the egg tray, we can do it too. For more detailed requirements, please contact us.


Equipment Process
Pulping system
(1) Put the raw material into the pulper and add an appropriate amount of water for a long time to stir the waste paper into pulp and store it in the storage tank.
(2) Put the pulp in the slurry tank into the pulping tank, adjust the pulp concentration in the pulping tank, and further stir through the homogenizer through the white water of the return pool and the thick slurry of the storage tank. After adjusting to the applicable pulp, put it into the feeding pool to be used in the molding system.
Equipment used: pulping machine, homogenizer, slurry pump, vibrating screen, pulp disintegrator
2. Forming system
(1) The pulp in the supply tank is supplied into the molding machine, and is adsorbed by the vacuum system, and the pulp is left on the mold by the mold on the equipment to be formed, and the white water is sucked and transported back into the pool through the vacuum pump.
(2) After the mold is adsorbed, the transfer mold is blown out by the positive pressure of the air compressor, and the molded product is blown from the molding die to the rotary mold, and is sent out by the transfer mold.
Equipment used: molding machine, mold, vacuum pump, vacuum tank, pump, air compressor, mold cleaning machine
3. Drying system
(1) Natural drying method: The product is dried directly by weather and natural wind.
(2) Traditional drying: brick tunnel kiln, heat source can choose natural gas, diesel, coal, dry wood,A heat source such as liquefied petroleum gas.
(3) New multi-layer drying line: 6-layer metal drying line can save more than 30% energy compared to transmission drying. The main heat source is clean energy such as natural gas, diesel oil, liquefied petroleum gas and methanol.



Q:How to choose a suitable egg tray making machine and production lines?
A:Just need tell us your requirement.We will make a good production plan according to your requirements.
Q:Do you provide sample service?
A:We can send you paper samples, which is produced by our machine.
You also can send us the paper sample that you want to produce by DHL, etc.We will design according to your paper samples.
Q:What is the raw material of egg tray making machine?
A:Waste paper,Cardboard,Magazine,Newspaper,ect.
Q:Can you offer technician aboard for training workers?
A:Yes, we have team for installation guidance aboard, technicians will be sent for installation guidance and training workers .
Q: What's the guarantee for the egg tray machine and equipment?
A: Usually the forming machine guarantee is one year, and motors guarantee is half of an year.
Q:Where is your company located?
A: it is located in Zhengzhou city, Henan, china.



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