• 2350x420mm 6000pcs/Hr Paper Egg Tray Making Machine
  • 2350x420mm 6000pcs/Hr Paper Egg Tray Making Machine
2350x420mm 6000pcs/Hr Paper Egg Tray Making Machine

2350x420mm 6000pcs/Hr Paper Egg Tray Making Machine

Datos del producto:

Lugar de origen: CHINA
Nombre de la marca: Haiyang
Certificación: CE

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Cantidad de orden mínima: 1
Precio: USD 10000-50000
Detalles de empaquetado: 1. Exportación marinera que embala la exportación estándar 2. que embala 3. según el requisito de cl
Tiempo de entrega: 30 días antes de la entrega
Condiciones de pago: T/T, L/C
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Información detallada

Tipo del márketing: Nuevo producto 2020 Componentes de la base: PLC, motor
Papel de la salida: Bandeja del huevo Material: Papel usado
Color: Según demanda Tipo: bandeja de papel usada cartón del huevo que hace la máquina
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2350x420mm Paper Egg Tray Making Machine


6000pcs/Hr Paper Egg Tray Making Machine


6000pcs/Hr egg tray production line

Descripción de producto

Egg Carton Making Machine/Electronic Products Paper Tray Equipment With Drying Line



Product Type: Egg Tray Machine

Processing Type: Pulp Molding Machine

Place Of Origin: Shandong, China

Approval: CE

Warranty: 12 Monthes

Rotary: 1 /4 /8 /12 Faces

Forming Platen Size: 1600 x 400 mm / 1950 x 420 mm / 2350 x 420 mm

Capacity: 1500 – 7000 pcs/hr (30-egg tray)

Matches with 6-layer dryer, energy efficient and conserve energy

Full automatic egg box production line equipped with automatic hot pressing and intelligent conveying stacking technology.

Mainly applied for egg tray, egg carton, fruit tray, cup carrier, bottle tray etc.


Model Type Working method Output Drying type
HY-F1000 Semi-automatic Reciprocating type 800-1000pcs/h Cart-type
HY-W1000 Semi-automatic Tumblet Type 2000-2200pcs/h Cart-type
HY-4-4 Automatic (4-sides) Rotation type 2200-2500pcs/h Mesh-belt type
HY-4-8 Automatic (8-sides) Rotation type 3000-3500pcs/h

Mesh-belt type


Product Introduction for Egg Tray Production Line:


This machine is named paper egg tray machine, or Pulp molding machine.

They can produce the different paper trays, for example: paper egg tray, paper egg box, paper bottle tray,paper fruit tray, paper coffee tray,and so on.,only the pulp products, and you can offer the smaple,our machine can produce them.Now let me introduce our machine as below:

Our egg tray machine has four parts:Pulping system,forming system,drying line and packing part


(1)Pulping system:

Pulping system is mainly comprised of hydrapulpter, pulp pump, multi-function refiner machine, blender, control cabinert,ect.

It can make the pulp by the waste paper. And it is the first step in making process!


(2)Forming system:

This part mainly is the egg tray forming machine.We could produce the forming mould and transfering mould based on our customers request.The material of the mould could be Alumminum,Resin,Plastic.


(3)Drying line

This is the very important in the all of line. When the egg tray be made over by the forming machine, the egg tray will be put on the drying line,they will across the drying channel, then you can get the dry tray!


(4)Packing machine

This is the last step, when we get the finished tray from the drying line, we can packing them.



(1).What capacity per hour do you offer ?


Our machines’ capacity is from 400pcs/hr to 12000pcs/hr.


(2). What kind of material we can use as the raw material?


Any kind of waste paper like old newspaper,magazines,books,A4 paper etc, and easy to get


(3). What kind of Fuel can be used for the whole production line?


Coal, natural gas, and dieseal oil.


(4). What kind of products can be made by this machine?


All paperpackage such as paper egg tray, egg carton,egg box, fruit tray, bottle tray, cup tray, consumer product package, medical disposable container etc.


(5). In how many countries have your machines been installed ?


All over the world, including the following countries: Algeria, Nigera,Argentina, Tunisia, Bolivia, Sudan, Jordan, Egypt, Uzbekstan, Malaysia, Russia,Thailand , etc.


(6).Can I customize this kind of product from your factory?


Yes ,we offer custom-made service to our customers, you need to provide us some samples,such as photos,dimensions etc.


step 1 Pulp molding egg tray process


step 2 Multi-function dry line


step 3 The collection process

2350x420mm 6000pcs/Hr Paper Egg Tray Making Machine 02350x420mm 6000pcs/Hr Paper Egg Tray Making Machine 1


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